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Welcome to Palvaanjärvi


Palvaanjärven Loma Oy / SFC Palvaanjärvi is located at edge of a wilderness lake that has lots of fish in it. Distance from Helsinki is 180 km, from Kotka 65 km and from Lappeenranta and Kouvola 50 km. Distance from Hamina is 40 km. The resort village is located on the Hamina-Taavetti mainroad about 20 km from Taavetti to Hamina direction. From the mainroad the distance to the resort village is 4 km.
Peaceful, beautiful nature and wilderness-like resort village is on south opening point; we have sunshine from the early morning to the late evening. You have the whole village at your hands. We have 350 meters of waterline and the whole surface area is 10-11 hectares.
We have wood heated sauna and electric sauna. We also have a big smoke sauna. On special occasions we also have the wood heated tent sauna for mixed gender, bathing suite is mandatory. We have a nice restaurant Palvaa for 92 persons. During summer season there is also terrace for 100 persons. You can also rent a hut or hotel room from our resort village. Caravanners have also lots of places to choose from.

Palvaanjärven Loma Oy / SFC Palvaanjärvi
Palvaantie 398 54500 Luumäki


Accommodations Tel : +358 40 1355 109 or evaraus site

Restaurant Palvaa Tel : +358 5 466 310

Caravanning / Camping Site Manager Tel : +358 50 340 3232





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